Hybrid Space @ The Future Now Show

Hybrid Space Lab lectures on Hybrid Space at The Future Now Show of the Club of Amsterdam.

Lecture @ Club of Amsterdam, The Future Now Show, Basel, Switserland, 1 February 2022


Hybrid spaces (combined physical and digital spaces) to communicate and live together are evolving at a rapid pace today. As hybrid space is the core competence and focus of the Hybrid Space Lab’s longstanding work, we aim to filter out the best of both worlds, physical and digital, and combine these dimensions in imaginative, meaningful, and effective ways. It is about influencing developments by ‘inhabiting’ technology and addressing technological developments from a cultural perspective to transform and re-shape technologies to fit the way we want to live as a society.

The lecture also touches on the multifaceted idea of hybridity. With the current cultural turn and paradigm shift from a focus on divisions and borders to an emphasis on interconnections and networks, we are now witnessing a proliferation of hybridity in all dimensions of contemporary life.

A future that works

The Future Now Show explores how we can forge our future now – when the impact of the near future matters. We present strategies and solutions that shape a future that works. Each month we wander through current events, discoveries and challenges, stimulating discussion about the connections between the present and the future we are shaping – and what we need, from vision to strategy, to make the most of it.

Global challenges

Can we meet the global challenges? Or will we succumb to them?
Build the future now, when the impact of the near future counts and the visions and strategies for the desired future begin.

Exploring desired futures

The Club of Amsterdam is an international, autonomous, future-oriented think tank that explores the modeling of desired futures. It organizes events, workshops, and summits on topical, global issues and disseminates the results and proceedings through various offline and online media channels.

Actively involved in shaping the future

The Club of Amsterdam is a facilitator for innovation in business, science, and society. It engages those who are daring to venture outside the box, and those who are not just talking about the future but are actively involved in shaping its outcome.

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