Simple City @ Museum of Applied Arts

The exhibition “Architectural Particles – Modular Building in the Digital Age” covers the essential aspects of modular architecture for the first time in a comprehensive exhibition and conveys these at different levels of content and with contemporary design elements on this topic. 

The aim is to convey the topic by means of historical examples as well as current international architecture projects of our digital age.

Exhibition Simple City @ MAKK Museum for Applied Arts, Modular Building  in the Digital Age , Cologne, 12 September -13 November 2012


In addition to a historical overview of the building materials wood, stone, concrete, metal and plastic, the visitors get a concrete idea of the methods of modular thinking, technological innovations and future perspectives. The “Building Modules and Town Planning”, which is based on this, deals with the idea of modular construction in a large scale and urban planning context. In addition to some spectacular “architectural modules”, photographs, models and drawings, animations and films are presented.


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