Public Media Urban Interfaces @ Man Mass Media Conference

Interaction or Manipulation?
Man – Mass – Media, conference and exhibition organised by the Internationales Forum für Gestaltung in Ulm.

Exhibition & Lab @ Internationales Forum fur Gestaltung, Ulm, Germany, 20-22 September 1996


Dr. Heinz Hahn, Vorsitzender der IFG-Fachbeirates Forum 1996
Dr. Wibke von Bonin und Prof. Dr. Beate Schneider

Technology, Digitization and Convergence
Prof. Dr. Margot Berghaus, From the media to the multimedial communication system
Monika Fleischmann, “Global retina and individualized communication. Multimedia research in Art and Culture”,
Stefan Iglhaut, “New media in the tension between everyday life and art
Dipl.-Ing. Heiner Benking, “New horizons and orientations thanks to an architecture for thought spaces”

Jörg Rüggeberg, “The responsibility of television for public opinion – a merely historical reminiscence?”

The individual. Between activity and passivity.
Prof. Dr. Dolf Zillmann, “On the Iconization of the Worldview
Dr. Kaspar Maase, “Media make monsters. The fear of society for their children
Prof. Dr. Alphons Silbermann, Mass media and the social movement of anxiety
Prof. Dr. Joseph Weizenbaum, “Mental Health in the Information Society”

Society. Between integration and segmentation.
Georgia Tornow, “Where competition is, there is also interest – the future of the newspaper in the shark pool Berlin
Dr. Markus Schöneberger, “Television – the overcrowded medium or: From house to service to the service
Tilmann P. Gangloff, “It’s Showtime, Folks! With television on the way to the two-class society”

The arts. Design resources and design space.
Virtual reality and the dimensionality of architecture“, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitt
Arts and apparatus. Plea for the dramatization of an interface“, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski
“PONTON – A model of a new workplace“, Benjamin Heidersberger

with Synthesizer, Live-Elektronic aund Saxophone, Simon Stockhausen

“Informationtechnologie in Design and Architecture”, David Urban
“Public Media Urban Interfaces”, Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar

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