Seeds of the Future @ Triennale di Milano

Exhibition at the Triennale di Milano reflecting on the themes of mobility, of living and working and imagining how energy research, new materials and ICT technologies will shape our daily over the next 20 years.

Exhibition Mobility Living Working @ Triennale di Milano, Milan, 9 October – 22 December 2013


The exhibition Milano 2033 – Semi di Futuro at the Triennale di Milano is one of the many events that celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Politecnico di Milano. It reflects on the issues of mobility, living and work and tries to imagine how the research on energy, new materials and ICT technologies will shape our daily lives over the next 20 years.

Living ­– What will our houses look like? Built with which materials? And with what services?
Working – How will we produce goods and services for our daily needs? How will we study?
Moving – What will our short and long distance journeys look like?

150 of everyday life scenarios, narrated by citizens in 2033, to make the future closer to us and to stimulate ideas and proposals on the possible trajectories of innovation and the environment.

These are the questions a pool of professors and researchers from various disciplines of the Polytechnic have tried to answer. On the basis of a range of reflections and suggestions, they have identified a number of possible trajectories of innovation for the near future.
In an attempt to systematize the field, they have decided to organize all the suggestions collected by borrowing two variables from the Spread Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 European social platform project: one linked to technology in all its forms and the other linked to society’s governing principles and values.
On one hand, technology can be either pandemic (that is, dominant technologies adopted worldwide) or endemic (that is, emerging in different ways in different local context).
On the other hand, principles and values supporting growth, development and innovation, can encourage those individuals (individual persons or individual companies) that emerge in their context and are able to compete on a global scale, as well as support the community (represented by institutions or self-organized).

These two axes, technology and social principles, are at the heart of this exhibition, divided into 4 distinct scenarios in which all the sections – move, live and work – are declined
– The city ruled: pandemic technologies used by the community to manage the common good,
– Innovating at the global level: pandemic technologies for single individuals who are active at an international level,
– The individual talent: endemic technologies for single individuals (makers, start-up entrepreneurs and artisans of new generation ) who are active locally,
– Energy of communities: local technologies for a set of individuals who recognize and share common and collective values.

Curated by Luisa Collina, Paola Trapani with Federico Bucci.

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