Soft Urbanism @ STRELKA Institute

Soft Urbanism is a new interdisciplinary field of design and planning, researching the transformations of architectural-urban space of the emerging “information-communication age”, exploring the dynamic interaction of urbanism and the space of mass media and communication networks.

Soft Urbanism
20.00-21.30, 2 July 2012

Professor Frans Vogelaar, Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Germany), Dean of the Faculty of Hybrid Space, Partner of the Hybrid Space Lab, Berlin.

In 1998, Professor Frans Vogelaar founded the Faculty of Hybrid Space at the Media Arts Academy Cologne. His department has won many prizes including the YAHOO! Design Award at the Design Expo of the Universities in 2007 and the International Design Award Cologne in 2008.

Prof. Frans Vogelaar is also founder of the Hybrid Space Lab (Berlin), a research and development centre. The work of the centre focuses on areas at the intersection of different disciplines related to information and communication technologies.

The Hybrid Space Lab is a platform where architects, urbanists, designers, programmers and engineers collaborate to design and develop projects related to digital, architectural and media spaces. The scope of the laboratory extends to projects involving the urban environment, architecture, mobile applications, and digital technologies.

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