Communication Space @ ISEA 2004

Today, the communicational paradigm, with its “network-cities” and “nodes”, “terminal architectures” and “urban branding strategies” is infiltrating and transforming the architectural/urban discourse and practice.

Lecture & Panel Architecture of Switching @ ISEA 2004, Helsinki, Finland, 19-22 August 2004

In Hybrid Space Lab’s lecture, “idensity®” is proposed as a conceptual tool for developing urban space in the information/communication age: “idensity®” is a composite term consisting of the combination/fusion of the word “density” of “real” /urban and “virtual”/media communication spaces (density of connections) and of the word “identity”.

ISEA 2004

ISEA 2004 will present socially, critically and ecologically engaging work during the up-coming festival week. The symposium presents leading edge interaction technologies and practices, highlighting especially the creative applications of wireless and wearable media and their transformation of the user experience. Key topics on the agenda are also innovative sound/audiovisual techniques developed within dj/vj cultures, and the peer-to-peer practices of open source production and participatory authoring. In Helsinki and Tallinn, the creative media will be brought to the streets and to clothing; context sensitive work to museums and galleries; electronic music, screen-based media and design to concert and club venues. In addition to the conferences, exhibitions, workshops and other events on dry land, ISEA 2004 cruise takes participants to a sonic and networked journey while turning the Silja Line cruiser ferry into a nomadic research laboratory introducing projects that float, dock and sail.


19 August 2004

Wireless Experience

Mapping space; the social potential of locative media
Moderator: Marc Tuters, CAN
Ed Mac Gillavry, NL
Ben Russel, UK
0100101110101101.ORG, IT
Giles Lane, UK

Histories of the New

Working across boundaries: curating and preserving new media art.
Beryl Graham, UK
Sarah Cook, UK
Steve Dietz, USA
Caitlin Jones, USA

Histories of the New

The case of France: From Minitel to Gitoyen (secure collaborative access to high bandwith.)
Nathalie Magnan, FRA
Valentin Lacambre, FRA
Aris Papathéodorou, FRA

Two Talks and Debate

Critical Interaction Design & Wireless Experience
Jonah Brucker-Cohen & Armin Medosch & Julian Priest
Armin Medosch, UK, Julian Priest, UK: Free Networks: A Scenario Planning Approach
Jonah Brucker-Cohen, IRL: Subversive Networks

20 August 2004

Histories of the New

Researching our Origins: Critical and Archival Histories of the Electronic Arts
Chair: Catherine Mason, Birbeck, University of London
Gerfried Stockers, Ars Electronica
Annick Bureaud, Leonardo Olats, Pioneers & Pathfinders
Nick Lambert, CACHe (Computer Arts, Contexts, Histories, etc), Birkbeck
Alain Depocas, Centre for Research & Documentation, Daniel Langlois Foundation

Histories of the New

Uncovering Histories of Electronic Writing
Moderator: Noah Wardrip-Fruin, USA
Noah Wardrip-Fruin: What was Hypertext?
Michael Mateas, USA
Nick Montfort, USA: Continuous Paper
Jill Walker, NOR

Wireless Experience

Tracing space; locative media as a means for artistic expression
Moderator: Marc Tuters
Pete Gomes, UK
Esther Polk & Leva Auzina, NL/LVA
Teri Rueb, US: Drift
Andrew Paterson, UK/FIN: Rengo: Creative workshops with location-aware media mobiles
Jaanis Garancs, LVA

Wireless Experience

Mobile Realism, Documentary film-making and wireless networks
New Media Scotland, Chris Byrne, UK
Director; Iliyana Nedkova, BUL
Associate Curator; Fee Plumley, UK
The Phone Book Ltd; Paul Phillips, UK
Head of Brand Futures, Orange

Critical Interaction Design

Narratives, subjectivity and interaction
Pamela Jennings, USA: Constructed Narratives
Axel Roch, UK: Surfaces that See: Subjective Vision and Imagination in Gaze-based Interaction
Ranjit Makkuni, IND: Body friendly, culture friendly mobile interfaces – The Crossing Project
Joëlle Bitton – Human Connectedness/ Medialab Europe, IRL/USA: RAW, an audio/photographic tool for composing sonic flows surrounding visual moments.
Heidi Tikka: Developing concepts for situated and mobile imaging
12:00 Keynote Session: Histories of the New
Shuddhabrata Sengupta, IND
Sarai-CSDS/Raqs Media Collective, Delhi, India: The Remains of Tomorrows Past: Speculations on the Antiquity of New Media Practice in South Asia
Erkki Huhtamo, FIN
University of California Los Angeles, USA: Pockets of Plenty: An Archaeology of Mobile Media

Histories of the New

The Network of No_des: Excavating the Histories of the ‘New’ in South Asia’s Media
Hosted by Sarai New Media Initiative, New Delhi, India
Moderator: Monica Narula, IND
Monica Narula, IND
Jeebesh Bagchi, IND
Shuddhabrata Sengupta, IND
Gunalan Nadarajan, SNG

Histories of the New

Documenting Art, Science and Technology
Moderator: Alain Depocas, CAN
Alain Depocas, CAN, Daniel Langlois Foundation: Documenting Art, Science and Technology
Monika Fleischmann, DE: Knowledge Space for Media Art and Digital Culture
Tilman Linden, DE: netart
Nick Lambert, UK: British Computer Art 1960-1984. The aims and methods of the CACHe Project
Darko Fritz: Amnesia International: Early computer art and the Tendencies movement

Wireless Experience

GPS Art: Mapping New Territories
Moderator: Marisa Olson, USA
Joel Slayton, USA
Natalie Jeremijenko, AU/USA
Marek Choloniewski, PL

Critical Interaction Design

The Aesthetics of Interaction and Behavior
Moderator: Simon Penny, USA
Simon Penny The Aesthetics of Behavior
Maciej Ozog, Against friendly interface: Aesthetics of interaction
Riikka Pelo, FIN: Caesura in Marina’s Garden
Interactive Narrative as a Drama of Responsibility and Interruption

Histories of the New

Sound Art Histories
Moderator: Seth Cluett, USA
Debra Singer, USA
Stephen Vitiello, USA
Christoph Cox, USA

Critical Interaction Design

Amplexus Poetics: Language, Art and New Software Forms moderator: Lisa Moren, USA
Kenny Goldsmith, USA: UBUweb
Nina Katchadourian, USA: Talking Popcorn
Camille Utterback, USA: Text Rain
Bill Seaman, USA: Recombinant Poetics

Two Talks and Debate

Imagining cities and public spaces Moderator: Hanna Harris, FIN
Richard Barbrook, UK: New York Prophecies. Imagining the future at the 1964 New York World’s Fair
Jennifer Gonzalez, USA: Visualizing Artificial Worlds: The Political Geography of On-Line Public Spaces
09:30-11:00 Critical Interaction Design
Open Source City
Moderator: Amanda Ramos, CAN
The Maze Corporation; Dennis Kaspori, NL: Communism of ideas towards an open source practice of architecture.
Mirjam Struppek, DE: Interaction field Public Space – Interactive installations in the urban public space
Mixed Reality Lab, Clara Boj Tovar, SNG: A trip around a magic puzzle
The Field Office, Amanda Ramos, Michelle Kasprzak, CAN: Open Source City
Fælles Grønt Byrum, DK: Communal urban Green Space

21 August 2004

Open Source and Software as Culture

Narratives and images of open source
Moderator: Mark Tribe, USA
Mark Tribe: Open Source from Picasso to the Present – A Brief History of Open Source Culture
Warren Sack, USA: Images of Open Source Software
Axel Bruns, AU: The Rise and Rise of Open News – Open content – Stuff That Matters

Open Source and Software as Culture

Games and the art of hacking Presenters:
Laetitia Wilson, AU: Play Ethics: The Convergence of Art, Games and Politics
Tiffany Holmes, USA: Arcade Classics Spawn Art? Current Trends in the Art Game Genre
John Klima: Codeplay: Gaming Paradigms and Participatory Environments
Mathias Fuchs & Sylvia Eckermann: FLUID – arena of identities
Kristian Lukic: Information Ages: Eastwood

Two Talks and a Debate

Who owns our (software) culture?
Miller Puckette (USA), Casey Reas (USA)

Wireless Experience

Mobile sound and art practices: the local contexts
David Crane (USA): The Mobile, the Local, and the Global: Keitai and Cultural Translation
Adriana de Souza e Silva, USA: Location Based Mobile Games: blurring the borders between physical and virtual spaces
Frauke Behrendt, GER: Mobile phone music. Ring tone culture and the mobile phone in Sonic Art
Olle Karlsson & Ola Pehrson, SWE: Mobile Position based Art and Sound
Soh Yeong Roh, Art Center Nabi, KOR: Art in wireless

Histories of the New

Hybridity: Interfaces, Identities, and the Arts moderators: Yvonne Spielmann and Ryszard W. Kluszczynski
Yael Eylat Van-Essen, ISR
Yvonne Spielmann, DE
Sabine Fabo, DE
Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, DE
Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, PL: New Media Art as Transcultural Interface

Histories of the New

Histories of time-based art
Moderator: Susanne Jaschko, DE
Susanne Jaschko: Segmentation and Reassembly of the Digital Moving Image: Space and Time Correlations in Audio-Visual Art
Catherine Mason, UK: The Routes Toward British Computer Art: Art Schools & The Computer Arts Society
Masanori Mizuno, Kiyofumi Motoyama, JAP: A time consciousness of the young Japanese media artists
Caroline Huybrechts, BE: Nicolas Schöffer’s Spatiodynamic Tower in Liège. A Monument to the Information Society?
Sven Sterken, BE: Architecture as a Time-Based Art: Immersive Strategies in Iannis Xenakis’ Polytopes

Keynote Session: Critical Interaction Design
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Brown University, USA

Keynote Session: Wireless Experience
Nina Wakeford, INCITE, Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, UK
The identity politics of mobility and design culture

13:00 Keynote Session: Open Source and Software as Culture
Matthew Fuller, UK, Reader in Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

Open Source and Software as Culture

Cultural Softwares: Artistic Tools & DIY Networks
Moderator: Christiane Paul, USA
Mary Flanagan & Ken Perlin, Endpapers: collaboration, process, and code
Jon Ippolito & Joline Blais, Code as tool, meme, structure

Critical Interaction Design

Critical interaction design in the everyday
Keir Smith, Daniel Heckenburg, Penny Hagen, AU: Socialising with Strangers. Content as Interface: In Critical Interaction Design Research
Mark Palmer, UK: Towards New Forms of the Social
Posters: Trebor Scholz, USA: Critical Cultural Production and the Everyday web-based works/poster in critical interaction design
Jessica Hammer: What Cabwatch Does Right: Wireless in the Real World

Critical Interaction Design

Mediated Urbanism
Moderator: Naomi Matsunaga
Hybrid Space Lab, Frans Vogelaar, Elizabeth Sikiaridi, NL: Architecture of Switching: Hybrid Communication Spaces
Ana Betancour, SWE: The Mediated City – Aviopolis – everyday network culture at the airport
TU Darmstadt / architectural faculty, Lilian Juechtern, Oliver Langbein: Relief space: negotiation of urban reality in everyday experience
Adam Somlai-Fischer: Mediated Spaces: Extending architecture and its territory
Nis Rømer, Marie Markman, Jesper Dyrehauge/ Copenhagen North West, Fælles Grønt Byrum: Communal Urban Green Space

Histories of the New

Race, representation & digital divides
Monika Bokiniec, PL: Intellectual Colonisation or Do They Just Know Better?
Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew, CAN: CyberSkins: Aboriginal Art on the Web
Gary Stewart, UK: inIVA Digital Archive: Race Representation and the Digital Domain

Two Talks and Debate

System aesthetics and critique
Aristarkhova Irina, RU/Singapore Matrixial Spaces of Virtual Reality
Charlie Gere, UK: Systems Aesthetics, Systems Sublime

Histories of the New

Internet based practices: local histories
Moderator: Andres Burbano
Karla Schuch Brunet, BRA: Multi-culturalism in internet
Indrek Ibru, EST: How new is new – The origins of web-design
Genco GÜLAN, TUR: Web Biennial 2003: International Bi-annual Contemporary Art Exhibition for and on the World Wide Web
Fannuel Wallah, ZIM: RT-IT (real time – inner time) a new media project by African Colours
Mari Laaniste, EST: Going Digital: Comics and the Internet

Critical Interaction Design

Affect & Media(ted) Experiences
Moderator: Susanna Paasonen, FIN
Norie Neumark, AU, E.motional Perturbations
Katrien Jacobs, USA, Peer-To-Peer Porn: Towards a Networked sexual Culture
Susanna Paasonen, FIN, Desires for sale: online pornography and affect

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