B.A.N.G. @ Design. Innovation. Europe.

Subject to the exponential technological acceleration and challenged by alarming ecologic and social changes design’s role in shaping our increasingly hybrid world is changing.

B.A.N.G. Design develops methods for dealing with the geometrically accelerating pace of developments and with permanent change.

Lecture & Discussion B.A.N.G. Design @ Design.Innovation.Europe., Embassy Kingdom of the Netherlands, Berlin, 30 November 2015


Binary + Atom + Neuron + Gene


Prof. Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space Lab: introduction
Harry Starren, Federatie Dutch Creative Industries: moderator
Prof. Paul Hekkert, member Topteam Creative Industries: Creative Research
Prof. Bart Ahsmann, member CLICKNL Design: Smart Industries
Jann de Waal, member CLICKNL: Crossover Shopping 2020
Marc Fonteijn, 31 Volts Service Design Netwerk: Service Design



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