Humboldt Jungle @ GRĂśN kulturell

The already funded and produced Baroque façade parts are to be mounted. The parts of the concrete shell, where the Baroque façade is still missing, are greened in an aesthetic and botanical way. Such a design visualises not only the interdisciplinary approach of the brothers Humboldt. It also symbolises the origin of the future collections. At the same time, a green facade stands for an innovative Germany in which the city is rethought.

Expert Meeting
Politics meets culture: ANAlyseS, ideaS, CoNcePts

17.00-19.00, 9 July 2015

@ GRĂśN.kulturell Kulturcontainer
FrobenstraĂźe 1, Berlin

Notker Schweikhardt MdA, Speaker for Culture and Creative Industries,
Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi, Prof. Frans Vogelaar Hybrid Space Lab

discuss together  with
Johannes Wien, Stiftung Berliner Schloss­ Humboldtforum, Commercial Board of Directors,
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult. Hermann Parzinger Stiftung, PreuĂźischer Kulturbesitz, President,
Prof. Dr. Klaas Ruitenbeek, Director Museum fĂĽr Asiatische Kunst,
Wilhelm von Boddien, Förderverein Berliner Schloss e.V., Managing Director (requested),
Antje Kapek, MdA, Spokeswoman for Urban Development, Chairwoman Bündnis 90/Die GRüNEN,
Wolfram Putz + Thomas Willemeit, GRAFT Architects,
Axel Klapka, Association of German Landscape Architects BDLA, Berlin, Chairman,
Hannes Krapp, Scientist,
Christian KĂĽhn MdB, Spokesman for Building and Housing Policy,
Heinz Jirout Architect ,
Brigitte Werneburg, Journalist, TAZ

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