Demand your Right to Broadcast!

Media Babies on CHANEL NO.5 derives its strength from fragmentation in order to develop a truly public “narrow/broadcasting/catching media network.

A local-based public interface the “Media Baby” is instrument that seduces its public to use and abuse the television medium, maximizing its possible spontaneity by hijacking the public’s imagination.

Demand your Right to Broadcast! @ Architectural Association, Architectural Association School of Architecture, 34-36 Bedford Square, London, 24 July 1991

Channel no.5

One hundred and twenty eight distributed evenly over the City of London and interconnected by means of ISD network and a “micro wave transmitter”.

Before being able to narrow/broadcast your “message” you might want to use the “Debutante’s Booth (if you are new to the network), or the “Intro Booth” where you can prepare your narrow/broadcast. Here you can discover the facilities, which are open to the whole network and are located along the Thames, such as the “Channel no.5 Expert Program” or the “Hall of Digital Personalities” that make program making as natural as going to toilet. Once you have produced your program instant satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out the “Connector Platform”. Put on your “V.R.” helmet and see what reactions your program provokes in the network. With you “V.R.” helmet on you have a four-dimensional overview of the lifecycle, the pains and joys, of your message.

Demand your Right to Broadcast!

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