Fabric @ Foundation Hellenic World

The documentary “Fabric” which we made for the documenta 14 is now part of the archive of the Foundation of the Hellenic World and of the collection of the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre.

Archive Foundation of the Hellenic World @ Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, Athens, 14 December 2017


The American School of Classical Studies and the Gennadius Library had already included the documentary “Fabric” in their archives.


The Foundation of the Hellenic World World’s mission is the preservation and dissemination of Hellenic history and tradition, the creation of an awareness of the universal dimension of Hellenism and the promotion of its contribution to cultural evolution. Its aim is the understanding of the past as a point of reference for the formation of the present and future.

The Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World stands out for its innovative programs. It lies on a former industrial zone on an axis between Athens and Piraeus, where memory of Athens past meets the city’s modern identity, and its architecture characterizes Pireos street.

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