Hybrid Heritage

Hybrid Heritage is researching and designing contemporary interpretations and further development of heritage under a multicultural perspective.

Including the integration of digital technology, augmented reality, and media networks in heritage projects Hybrid Heritage also focuses on the transnational dimensions of heritage as elements of cultural hybridity in today’s globalized world. Hybrid Heritage addresses Hybrid Communities and ‘glocal’ places, and develops contemporary interpretations of traditional multicultural practices, such as the Silk Road network.

Hybrid Heritage
10.00-17.00, 25 September-7 October 2015

@ Beijing Design Week 2015
Baitasi ReMade
no. 4 West Gongmenkou Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing

Hybrid Heritage
11.00-12.00, 26 September 2015

@ Baitasi Info Hub
No. 313 Fuchengmen Inner Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Hybrid Heritage
12.00-17.00, 26 + 27 September

@ Media Lab
Central Academy of Fine Arts