Newsletter April 2018

Hybrid Space Lab co-organized together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague Digital Diplomacy Camp 2018 Un-Conference on February 2nd 2018.

“Fast-paced advances in technology are creating diffuse and volatile conditions in which international actors operate. Disruptive innovations such as machine learning and big data analytics are changing governments, NGOs, the media, businesses, and in some cases entire industries.”
We contributed with two workshops: Embassy Lab focused on the future of embassies in the digital age and on integrating experimental formats in traditional large inert organizations.
AR/VRxIoT+AI+? = Hybrid Space investigated how to integrate AR, VR, IoT or AI into meaningful applications for diplomats, international organizations and NGOs.

Hybrid Space Lab organized Hybrid Diplomacy Lab “A Reset Button for the Debate over Migration” on January 18th 2018 at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague.

A creative workshop with visual notation tools, Hybrid Diplomacy Lab is an inspiring environment for processing ideas “without the box”. It focuses on Co-Creative Intelligence, the ability to frame problems in a new way and generate original solutions.
Hybrid Diplomacy Lab creates room for new thinking processes, which feed the discussion with innovative ideas and may reset the stuck debate over migration.

The Swiss architectural magazine “archithese” published Humboldt Jungle on January 16th 2018.

“Hybrid Space Lab presents a refreshingly ruinous idea in the discussion about the controversial reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace as Humboldt Forum: How would it be if the City Palace grew huge trees, sprouted up exotic plants and toppled a waterfall?”