Hybrid Diplomacy


Hybrid Diplomacy designates the combining of traditional diplomacy and innovative diplomacy. Hybrid Diplomacy includes the collaboration between state and non-state actors in a network diplomacy that involves next to traditional diplomats and governments, also civil society and NGOs, businesses, international organizations, and other players. Hybrid Diplomacy addresses also the multiple hybridizations in the diplomatic field, including diplomatic practices that combine communication in physical space and social media, that deal with crossover issues, and that mediate in the interaction fields of different cultures.

Hybrid Diplomacy addresses the multiple hybridizations of diplomatic practices:
Along with the traditional diplomatic channels, we are experiencing the rise of self-
organized transnational citizen networks.
Along with physical encounters and dedicated physical spaces of representation such as embassies, digital networks are revolutionizing transnational communication.
Along with the caring for international relations in the longue durée, acceleration and disruptive developments demand extremely speedy respond reactions.

Hybrid Diplomacy is a space for international interdisciplinary dialogue and a creative exchange on a broad range of issues such as:

How does a Hybrid Diplomacy integrate formal and informal actors, physical and digital communication spaces and different time modes?

How do you combine digital innovation in diplomacy with traditional diplomatic practices?
How do you introduce new ideas and integrate digital innovation in large and inert organizations?
What can bureaucratic systems learn from small agile organizations in this context?

Hybrid Diplomacy Lab program combines research and focuses on inventive explorations of future diplomacy.

Hybrid Diplomacy is a follow-up to the Embassy Lab Future Diplomacy that took place at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin on October 7th 2016 and was curated by Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Prof. Frans Vogelaar of Hybrid Space Lab together with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and organised in network partnership with the Global Diplomacy Lab.



Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi
Prof. Frans Vogelaar
Hybrid Space Lab


Cathryn Clüver
Executive Director
Future of Diplomacy Project
Belfer Center for Science
and International Affairs
Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government