GREENtopia @ Art Museum of China

Sky City

Imagine a super-high building surrounded by nothing but air, spacious, isolated, sparsely populated, with unsurprisingly no celebrated history, while the greenbelt gradually becomes a pasture within the cloud clusters, where they coexist.

The museum space (1600 sqm) will be transformed into a creative laboratory, an interdisciplinary platform co-developed by international artists, creative thinkers, independent scholars, urban planners and stakeholders. It is a union, a mini co-op city inside a skyscraper.

15 March-15 April 2019


@ Art Museum of China
Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen, P.R. China

Andy Tam, Assistant Professor and Acting Head, UIC-Zhuhai, China
Dr Rochelle Yang, Associate Professor, UIC-Zhuhai, China
Urbanus, Shenzhen, China,
Professor Frans Vogelaar, Hybrid Space LabBerlin, Germany
Professor Wang Wei Yan, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, China