Hybrid Space Lab @ GRÜN kulturell

Museum of Modern Art; a gift with consequences.
What does Berlin need from the Cultural Forum? Which location of the exhibition building brings the greatest benefits for the urban society for the gallery visitors, passers-by, neighbours, collector and organiser…?  How are existing buildings integrated into an updated overall concept? How can process for a complex development be at the same time be innovative and efficient ? What role should Berlin and the stakeholders play?

Expert meeting
Politics meets culture:
ANAlyseS, ideaS, CoNcePts

15.30 -17.30, 20 May 2015

@ GRÜN.kulturell Kulturcontainer

Notker Schweikhardt MdA, Speaker for Culture and Creative Industries
Antje Kapek, MdA, Spokeswoman for Urban Development, Chairwoman BĂŒndnis 90

in discussion with
Christine Edmaier, President Architects Chamber Berlin
Norbert Heuler, Landesdenkmalamt Berlin
Volkwin Marg Architekt, von Gerkan, Marg and Partner
Georg Neubert Director Foundation St. MatthÀus
Wolfram Putz + Thomas Willemeit, GRAFT
Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi, Hybrid Space Lab
Wilfried Wang, Academie of the Arts Berlin, Architectural Section.

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